Our Mission

Social impact is our business.


We are fortunate to live and work in Southern California, a region known for innovation, sunshine, nonstop action and a willingness to find creative solutions to complicated problems.

But with so many economic and political forces putting pressure on social structures to change, it is inevitable that board members, executives and their staff are feeling an urgent need to think strategically, find solutions, deliver results, and adapt at an exponential pace.  

Every year thousands of leaders, deeply committed to their missions, turn to our experienced team of nonprofit consultants, certified coaches and experienced instructors at CNM to find answers they can trust.  

As trained experts in professional and organizational development we are here to work with you to unlock ideas and share what we know about what works.  Not white papers and ideal scenarios, but practical, proven strategies and tools you can use with your board, staff, community stakeholders, and others to achieve your goals.   

Whether you’re looking to get ahead in your own personal development, transform the organization you work for, or create lasting change, CNM can help get you there.

Our only mission is to help you succeed.

Regina Birdsell  President and CEO

Regina Birdsell
President and CEO

As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand the constraints of working in the social sector. For this reason, we’re able to be a thoughtful partner in driving organizational development.